Star Trek Attack Wing – The Q-Continuum Organized Play Kampagne – Eine erste Übersicht

Nach den beiden The Next Generation (TNG)-Monthly-Episode Kits „A Matter of Honor“ (wir berichteten bereits hier darüber) und dem noch zu besprechenden „Peak Perfomance“ geht es wieder in eine drei monatige Kampagne. Diese hat mit Q zu tun. Dem allmächtigen Wesen aus TNG, das sowohl im Pilot als auch in der letzten Folge von TNG eine Schlüsselrolle spielte. Heute wurden die drei Szenarios vorgestellt auf der WizKids Produktseite.
Die Preisschiffe sind die U.S.S. Hood, die I.K.S. Korinar sowie in Monat 3 der Warbird Terix.
Hauptpreis sind 5-Q-Continuum-Karten. Was es damit auf sich hat, ist noch nicht bekannt.
Was wir schon wissen, ist hier nochmal nachzulesen:
Join in on the chaos inflicted upon the universe by Q in this new Star Trek: Attack Wing Storyline Organized Play program!
Starting in April 2015, WizKids Games kicks off the Q-Continuum – A Q themed three-month storyline organized play program.
In the Q-Continuum, stores carrying Star Trek: Attack Wing will host tournaments featuring scenario games based on the wonky antics of Q.Players will be able to collect a participation prize each month as well as compete for a new playable ship that will only be offered during the Q-Continuum Organized Play event series.
The player with the best record over the three-month event will be bestowed the title of Fleet Admiral and awarded a special grand prize at the end of the program.

Star Trek: Attack Wing The Q-Continuum Storyline Organized Play Series


The Q-Continuum Month One – “Encounter at Farpoint”


While on a mission to planet Deneb IV to examine Farpoint Station, a mysterious starbase built by the inhabitants of Deneb IV, an omnipotent being calling himself “Q” places a powerful force field in your way, stopping your ships. He claims that you are a dangerous race and demands that you leave the system and when you start to go, he tells you that he will return to prosecute and judge you. As you continue your journey to Farpoint Station, your fleet is set upon by an enemy fleet, and the Honorable Judge Q begins his trials for both of your fleets. Can you defeat your opponent and complete your mission at Farpoint? Or will Q’s trials prove to be too much for you to handle?

Each Q-Continuum Month One Kit includes:

  • “Encounter at Farpoint” Instructions & Score Sheets
  • Map Elements: (20) – Q-Continuum Cards
  • Participation Prizes: (10) Evasive Action Template with Reference Cards
  • Competitive Prizes: 3 U.S.S. Hood/Excelsior Class Starship

Download Month One Special Rules – HERE

Download Month One Instruction Sheets – HERE

The Q-Continuum Month Two – “Deja Q”

STAW 71259 B'REL Class

The moon of the planet Bre’el IV is falling out of its orbit and the planet is being threatened with a cataclysmic event. While on a mission to correct the moon’s orbit and save the planet, an unexpected visitor arrives. Q has been thrown out of the Q-Continuum and is now a mortal and aboard your ship. He offers his assistance to correct the moon’s orbit, but you quickly learn that he might be more of a hindrance than a help. As you are trying to figure out how best to use the mortal Q’s knowledge, your fleet is set upon by an enemy fleet. Can you succeed with your mission, or will the presence of Q prove to be your downfall?

Each Q-Continuum Month Two Kit includes:

  • “Deja Q” Instructions & Score Sheets
  • Participation Prizes: (10) Damage Control Team Cards
  • Competitive Prizes: (3) I.K.S. Korinar/B’relClass Starship

Download Month Two Special Rules – HERE

Download Month Two Instruction SheetsHERE

The Q-Continuum Month Three – “All Good Things”

STAW 71260 D'DERIDEX Class

A trial of humanity that began years before by Q, which you thought had reached its conclusion, continues and your Captain finds himself shifting in time between the past, present and future as a result. A large spatial anomaly that appeared in the neutral zone in the Devron System, which is present in all three of these times, seems to be causing these temporal shifts and is connected in some way to this trial. You are told by command that there is a fleet wide yellow alert and you are sent with the other ships in your fleet to the neutral zone to investigate this anomaly. When your fleet arrives, it is set upon by an enemy fleet that has also entered the neutral zone.

Each Q-Continuum Month Three Kit includes:

  • “All Good Things” Instructions & Score Sheets
  • Participation Prizes: (10) Ready Room Card
  • Competitive Prizes: (3) I.R.W. Terix/D’deridexClass Starship
  • Competitive Grand Prize: 1 Pack of 5 Q-Continuum Cards

Download Month Three Special Rules – HERE

Download Month Three Instruction SheetsHERE




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